Decorative Plise Curtains - 20mm

Offers a combination of aesthetics, practical and decorative options with a versatility, unique structure and daylight control.

Plise Gap/clarity/aperture: 20 mm

Decorative Curtain collection using the 'Benthin' curtain accessory has a quite wide range of selection. Convenience of indoor usage alternatives, diversity with day-night system and solutions brought to the places where cannot be done with the curtain applications provides a practical solution that can adapt to your ethnic or modern décor.

We offer highly functional product with 150 different operating systems that can be applied easily in any room.

You can choose from our array of color and design for to beautify your home and offices and get that total feeling of royalty. 

Our catalogue is available, please contact us for great color and design varieties.

Decorative Curtains and Application Methods;

Remote-controlled motorized pleated curtains

There are different operating system options for decorative pleated curtains.

Detailed information about our Operating Systems designed by your comfort and usage can be found through the links below.

  • Produced with world-renowned 24V Somfy motors quality.
  • May be applied to remote control or switch as desired.
  • Easy to assemble, easily removed for washing with interlaced attachments.

Rope-controlled pleat curtains

  • The control of the curtain is made with the rope.
  • Curtain stops when releasing the rope with special locking system, lock is opened and moved by pulling the rope right/left.
  • With 2 rope systems, there are both curtain and tulle on the same system. One rope is used for opening/closing the curtain, other rope is used for tulle opening/closing.
  • Easy to assemble, easily removed for washing with interlaced attachments.

Handle-Controlled pleat curtains

  • With the handle control curtain system, curtains can be stopped at the desired place
  • Can be produced as a single or double fabric.
  • In double fabric systems, there are both curtain and tulle.
  • Complete system controlling is made with bottom handle, tulle/curtain controlling is made with middle handle.
  • Easy to assemble, easily removed for washing with interlaced attachments.

Angled Pleat Curtains

  • Solution curtains suitable for every kind of window
  • According to shape of the glass, there are types of triangles, trapezoid form, four corners bottom triangle tops or half circle shapes
  • Instead controlled by ropes, handle controlled, electric motor controlled or fixed options are available.
  • First setup is easy and easily removed for washing with interlaced attachments.

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Decorative Plise Curtains - 20mm

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